Thornwood is a largely African area situated in the inner west of the Ethekwini Municipality. It has an estimated population of approximately 10,000. Thornwood is historically a rural community with most families maintaining domestic food gardens and poultry to sustain themselves.

The Thornwood Senior Citizens Club was established in 1996. Club members maintained food gardens on the property allocated to them by the Thornwood community forum. During 2001, the Department of agriculture in Pinetown provided free training for rearing broiler chickens and constructing a hen house.

In 2003, DAFTA ascertained the viability of the project and invested R7001-05 to set up the project with 500 chickens. Members of the club are involved in the day operations with supervision and guidance from DAFTA staff.

The chickens are sold to the senior citizens and their families to make the project self-sustainable. The purpose of the project is to develop self-help, generate income and alleviate poverty. In addition, members of the Thornwood Senior Citizens Club are encouraged to learn accountability and maintain a proper financial record.