Beadwork is a cultural art in the rural community, predominately practiced by the women. DAFTA was able to tap into the creative skills of these woman, some of which are unemployed. The Bead and Craft project funded by National Lottery provided a major boost for DAFTA’s networking and organizational skills to empower the poor and those that require assistance.

Beads, needles, fabric, wool, cotton, sewing machines, accessories, ironing boards and irons were distributed to the following service centers and clubs:

  • Arena Park
  • Brikvale
  • Chatsworth
  • Crossmoor
  • Demat
  • Luganda
  • Nedgreen
  • Qoqisiizwe
  • Shallcross
  • Sibusiso
  • Thandanani
  • Zwelibomvu

DAFTA was amazed by the skill and talent displayed. Items produced were of aesthetic and functional value. Some clubs were invited to display and sell their products at small and medium enterprise fairs, flea markets and other tourist junctions.

DAFTA has assisted the Indian and African communities within its area of operation to cooperate with each other. African traders were employed to teach the Indian centers beadwork thereby encouraging and facilitating interclub and cross cultural exchange.